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What are the Best Car Design Software?

As engineering is advancing, the software is improving in terms of features. 3D is gaining traction over 2D and becoming the new norm. Everyone is relying on 3D CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software to streamline their work and increase productivity. The same is true for car designers. They are constantly looking for innovative tools that could boost their work efficiency and reduce the time that is taken in developing or modifying complex designs. Or if you are looking for a job you might also want to know about the software that lets you build your portfolio so the recruiters know you have enough experience. To facilitate you in all these areas, we have compiled the best 4 car design software in the list below.

Autodesk Alias

  • From consumer products to cars this software has a long history with industrial and transportation design. With Alias, you can complete the design process from the first sketches to the ready-made products. It brings a complete package of tools for design from concept to execution. 
  • It is one of the few surface design software that includes a sketching component whether the sketch is on-screen in 2D or in VR (virtual reality). 
  • In VR you can set up your first stage virtual design studio and start to create your designs using subsidies. You can further improve the design by utilizing more subject tools when using VR services.
  • It also has ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) tools available for seamless hybrid modeling.
  • Doing a VR review design at any stage is possible with just one single click. 
  • Using the computational engine, you can use the inbuilt Dynamo to generate unlimited design possibilities for patterning.
  • It has reverse engineering tools for creating technical surfacing based on Nurbs and Bessie surfaces, to turn scanned model meshes into technical surfacing data. 
  • As part of production services, it also works closely with engineering services and helps bring in all kinds of engineering data from other systems, and provides the necessary tools to take designs from engineering to production.


  • There are many car designing software applications available in the market today, but Catia is the best and most widely used. Hence, it requires little explanation.
  • It is a 3D modeling software. 
  • It is both beginner-friendly and used by most of the major automobile companies. So, if you grip your command on this software you will find it easy to develop cars and may even work for one of those big companies someday.
  • If you are a student or a newbie who is just entering the field of design, Catia can be the best choice recommended by professionals. 


  • If you are on the lookout for automotive car designing software, Blender is an excellent choice.
  • Despite being free, it offers quite intense 3D graphics.
  • Initially, for beginners, it might seem an overwhelming combination due to its numerous features and amazing tools. But once you get the hang of it, the possibilities are limitless. You’ll be able to do so much, and designing will become much more fun. 
  • Along with the car you can also design gaming assets, animated characters, and anything else you want. 
  • It also lets you take screenshots, so you can add your designs to your portfolio.
  • It is ideal for the ideation phase of 3D projects. It means you can take a quick sketch from software like Photoshop or Painter, put it on the blender and start modeling your car design. 
  • You can see the volume, you can rotate the sketch, and see it from all different angles. It is also possible to zoom in and see the details you missed when sketching and then figure out how to fix them in 3D. It’s creative, fast, and efficient. 

On Shape

  • This is a relatively new software compared to the ones mentioned above, but its amazing CAD (Computer-Aided Design) feature is making it quite popular.
  • On shape is free for commercial users to use for their first 10 prototypes. 
  • The interface is very powerful and accessible from any device, including a computer, laptop, phone, or tablet. Therefore, it is quite convenient and you just have to install it on the device you want to run it on.
  • It is parametric CAD software. Parametric design means that the parameters used while designing a component are alterable at any time. For instance, if you have drawn a diameter of one size before, and now want to change it you can go back and change the size of it without having to start from scratch again. 
  • You can also add new body parts or remove existing ones at any time. 
  • Also, you can cut and re-shape any existing part of the body as well as alter the dimensions.