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Essential Features Of Job Posting Software

Essential Features Of Job Posting Software

Companies recruit new people through postings and ads. In the past, the traditional method for attracting job applicants was posting ads in the classified section of the newspaper. Nowadays the preferred medium of posting ads is online. There are several online job portals that make sure that the job ad is visible and is able to get the attention of the most suitable candidates.

Features of Job Posting Software

Most companies use recruiting software to post jobs and keep track of their performance. The software ensures the centralized distribution of job posts across online properties. These include social media profiles, career sites of the company, and external job boards.

The choice of the job posting software plays a significant role in making sure the companies are able to reach relevant job seekers and vice versa.

A useful and efficient job posting software must have the following features:

Features Of Employee Portal

The key features of an efficient job posting software include:

Efficient Job Searching

The main purpose of a job portal is to offer a platform for job seekers to search for jobs. Good software makes it easy and simple to find the most suitable job posts. Registered users and viewers must get relevant search results instead of getting random posts that are not helpful at all.

The job posting software you choose must allow the users to use filters, so they can search by categories, location, keywords, and qualifications. Every job post must come with a corresponding posting date ensuring timely response for applicants.

Quick Registration

Job seekers do not like platforms where they have to go through multiple difficult steps to register so they can enjoy the features. The portal must be able to facilitate job seekers and make it easier for them to become part of the portal.

Choose a software that will allow the users to sign up and log in using social accounts like Facebook, Linked-In, and Google. It makes it easier for the portal to gather basic profile information of the candidate.

Look For Job Seeker Tools

An efficient job portal is equipped with job seeker tools that make it easier for the seekers and companies to get what they are looking for. Job seekers appreciate when they get to search using desired filters and are able to save the search. Facilitating personalized search is the key to finding the best matches. Based on the personalized searches the portal should be able to make suggestions allowing users to view similar jobs.

A job posting software should also have the feature of job alerts. The users of the software should get an alert when a job matching their profile is posted. It will make sure they are the first people to respond and it elevates their chances of getting the job.

Features Of Employer Portal

An efficient job posting software should facilitate job seekers and the companies posting the jobs. The key features of an employer portal must allow organizations to find the best candidates.

Searching The Resume

The online recruitment solution should save the recruiters the trouble of going through each and every resume they receive because it is time-consuming. There are tools such as Smart talent search, candidate matching, Boolean search, etc. that can help companies in efficiently searching the resume.

Customized Job Posting

A successful job portal manages to make it comfortable for employers to post a job. They should have the freedom to add tags, keywords, and other comprehensive information to make the post more precise.
There must be an option of adding a pre-ordained questionnaire mechanism that helps in narrowing down the candidate list.

Tracking The Application

It is essential for the HR department to evaluate candidates throughout the recruitment process. The applicant tracking system makes it easier to follow the applicants through different phases of the process and find the best talent. The system is helpful in pre-screening candidates, shortlisting them, and sifting through the applicant pool.

Easy Communication

Modern job posting software should make sure that all the user groups can easily communicate with each other. Instant messaging is an essential feature of job posting software. Efficient and quick communication makes it easier to manage and track conversations with potential employees. The employers can immediately connect with a suitable candidate and move on with the process instead of waiting for a reply.


Selecting the right job posting software is vital because it plays a significant role in determining the success and efficiency of the recruiting process by saving time, money, and energy for both, the recruiters and the applicants.