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Tips For Writing A Good Job Posting

Tips For Writing A Good Job Posting

Finding the right talent is the key to running a successful business. If the job posting fails to convey the right information, a company will fail to attract suitable talent.

The job posting must provide the target audience with crucial information that is likely to encourage them to apply for the job.

Tips For Writing A Job Posting

A job posting must convey the nature of the job along with the required qualification and skills. Creating an impressive job post requires creativity and excellent writing skills. Follow the following tips and you will have the perfect job posting that will help in finding the best applicants:

Provide Job Overview

Start the job description by giving an overview of the job. The overview must include a concise definition of the position you are hiring for. Make sure you include all the goals and functions of the position. It should also mention methods expected to accomplish tasks and interact with other important stakeholders and departments.

Adding a list of essential qualifications and skills is a necessity. If the applicants do not satisfy the requirements of the posting, you can ignore the request instead of weeding out unsuitable candidates during the hiring process.

A job post must be about attracting the best applicants while the description shares details of the post. A posting is all about marketing the position and making it look attractive and exciting.

Good Job Posting

Use Traditional Job Titles

Job postings must be exciting, but that does not mean that you should give up the traditional job titles for the sake of fun. To make the posting look professional it is better to avoid terms such as guru or marketing ninja.

Using fancy titles may lighten the mood of the post, but it will fail to get the visibility you want because to ensure the post reaches the target audience, you must use the right keyword. Unclear job titles have a negative impact on SEO because career listing websites have algorithms that help choose the best search results.

Adding traditional job titles will make sure you get better applicants who will bolster the reputation of the company.

Stay Away From Jargon And Clichés

Job postings that are full of complex and unnecessary jargon are unlikely to attract the best talent. Avoid using words that do not explain the position or what the candidates can expect. Adding clichés can lead to confusion because they may end up conveying different meanings to different people.

Make sure that the job description provided on the post is clear and free of confusion. The role must be described in detail so you know which potential applicants are a perfect fit for the job.

No Abbreviations And Acronyms

It is better to keep the abbreviations and acronyms out of the job postings. The internal acronyms used by the company will not mean anything to an applicant who is not part of the company. Minimize the use of industry acronyms and abbreviations, and it will improve search results and the readability of the post.

Abbreviation does not stop the listing from getting posted, but it does impact its searchability. When the post is hard to find, it will fail to attract prospective applicants.

Highlight Company’s Culture And Mission

To convince applicants, companies have to make their case by telling why the company is the best fit for them. The job posting must not be too formal or stuffy because it will give the wrong impression about the culture of the company.

The tone of the job posting tells applicants about the culture of the workplace, so it should be easy to understand and friendly without being unprofessional. A company must have an active, SEO-optimized, and up-to-date website. Both the job post and website must accurately reflect the culture and mission of the company. The first thing people do after finding a job posting is to visit the website so it is crucial to keep it up-to-date.


If the job posting is full of spelling and grammatical errors, it is not going to make a good impression and will probably scare away applicants. Errors in the job posting damage your company’s reputation.

Never put the post out there without proofreading, because if it is full of errors it will fail to appear in the search.


Creating an impressive job post is the first and crucial step of the hiring process. Most job searchers are likely to skip the introduction and go straight to the description part so, keep the post short and to the point. It should paint a quick and precise picture of the job and convey all the vital details.