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What Are Key Parts Of A Job Posting

What Are Key Parts Of A Job Posting?

Posting an ad for a job is the best way of getting the word out about the vacant position and getting the attention of suitable applicants. Designing a job post is worth it because it will save you time as you will not have to answer applicants’ questions separately. A detailed post helps weed out the unqualified applicants before the interview date.

Key Parts Of A Job Posting

A well-written job post is a display of the professionalism of a company. A high-quality post is going to attract the most suitable applicants.

To create an ideal job post you need to ensure it has the following things:

Understand The Audience

It is impossible to move forward with hiring without knowing the audience. Think about the potential candidates that are going to be viewing the post and design it accordingly.

Most of the people are going to be reading the post on their smartphone so it should be device friendly. It is better to keep the post short and precise so people get all the vital information without getting bored.

Add A Company Overview

Write a precise company overview that offers value to the viewers. Once you have a well-written overview you can update it according to the requirements of future postings. The section is vital because it lets potential applicants decide whether it is a good fit for them or not.

An overview of the company must include the services or products offered by the company and the size of the organization or number of employees. Make sure that the lines about the organization offer a good frame of reference for people looking for a job.

Job Posting Parts

Summary Of The Position

Include a summary of the position you are hiring for to communicate the intent of the position. The summary must answer the following

  • Is the position new, or is it already a part of the organization?
  • Who is the post addressing?

The applicant will apply if they like what they read and choose your company over the others so it requires your attention and care.

Mention Personality Characteristics

After the summary, you should add traits that you feel are essential for employees to become successful. It offers the perfect opportunity to showcase the culture of the company and impress the applicants.
This section should include traits or characteristics that are non-negotiable when it comes to joining your team. Also, mention the traits that are so valuable for you that you are willing to overlook the lack of experience.

Provide a List of Responsibilities

The responsibilities section of the job post must be as descriptive as possible. The list of responsibilities should include the following questions

  • Does the role involve any fieldwork and how many jobs they are expected to finish in a day?
  • Is the person is going to have the responsibility of scheduling new jobs, invoicing, and creating quotes?
  • Are they required to deal with customers face to face, or the interactions are going to be over the phone?
  • What are the availability requirements of the potential hire? Are they expected to work during the evening, day or will it be overnight?

After making the list, maintain its form. It is better to use bullet points for the list as it increases the readability and makes the content more memorable.

List Requirements

Just like the list of responsibilities, a jib post must have a detailed list of requirements. It will make sure that only qualified people apply for the job and the hiring process becomes easier and efficient. Clearly stating the qualifications helps candidates in self-selecting out of the competition.

The list of requirements differs from job to job. You may ask for previous experience, certifications or training, etc. It is better to write the requirements in bullet points.

Additional Information

There is always some information that is specific to the business and position mentioned in the job post, and it should be included in this section. The more information you add, the fewer questions you will have to answer.
If you are going to provide training or tools, mention them in the additional information section.

The potential candidates should also be informed of any pre-employment testing or screening required for the post. It should include instructions on how the candidates can apply. Give them your preferred options whether it emailing the CV, applying through the website, or dropping it off at the office.


Creative job postings are going to get the attention you want and bring the most suitable candidates to you. You can make the post as interesting as you want but make sure the post is professional and all the information included in the post is correct and genuine.