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How to Write the Perfect Job Posting?

If you are wondering how to write the perfect job post, you have landed on the right page! You probably know how important it is to have a good job advertisement which can attract good candidates.

By looking at the job advertisement, potential candidates create the first impression of your company. In other words, the job advertisement will help a potential candidate to decide whether to apply or not apply for the job. So, it is up to you to write a great job post that will attract good candidates. Once you have the perfect post, you can share it on social media or other sites.

How to Write an Effective Job Post?

Here are the most important tips on how to write the perfect job post. Read the full article and be sure to follow these valuable tips when writing a job ad.

Choose the Right Keywords

The name of the job advertisement should be matched with what job seekers want to find. In other words, you need to pick the right keywords that will be searched by people who are looking for a job.

For instance, if you want to find a Java software developer, you can write “Java developer” and then add “software development. This way, you make the ad visible to a larger number of people. People who want to find a Java developer will see the post as well as other people who are looking for jobs in the software development field. This tip helps you to target the right audience and find a large number of potential candidates.

Write an Interesting Introduction

A short introduction should have one or a few sentences. Here you can share some important information about the job. For instance, if you are looking for someone to work from home on writing articles, you should share that information in the introduction. But make this part more appealing. You can write something like this “If you don’t like spending time in the office, and you enjoy writing, we have a great job for you!”.

In just one sentence, you actually said that you are looking for a writer for remote work. Most importantly, because of the attractive introduction, potential candidates will be motivated to read the rest of the job post.

Write a Job Description

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After choosing the right keywords and writing an effective introduction, it is time to describe the job. In this part, you are going to present the working conditions to a potential worker.

You should use this section to describe, step by step, what should be done in that position. Make sure a potential candidate has all crucial information related to the job. Therefore, describe everyday duties. You can use bullet points to describe each job responsibility.

Candidate Qualifications

It is time to write another paragraph, but this time about candidate qualifications. It is worth mentioning that you cannot expect the best candidates to contact you if you haven’t emphasized what makes a good candidate for that position.

Again, you can use bullet points to point out all the important qualifications. In addition to formal education, the job post should also contain non-formal education and a list of necessary required skills.

It is important to understand that all candidates who meet the job requirements will expect to be invited for a job interview. So, when writing these requirements, make sure they are accurate.

Say Something About Your Company

Job posts are meaningless if you don’t provide basic information about your company. For instance, you can point out the company’s name, address, phone number, and email address. This is something that every job post should contain. So, the more information you provide, the better.

Write the name of your company at the beginning of the ad. Finally, at the end of the job post, share the company’s email address and phone so candidates can send resumes, or call the company.

To conclude, use your job ad to advertise your company. Everyone who sees the ad will learn more about your business, so writing a good job ad can have multiple benefits.


We hope that these tips will help you to write the perfect job posting. Now, when you know which elements make a good job advertisement and how you should write them, all you have to do is to start writing. When you write your job ad, you can publish it on job search websites such as Glassdoor, Monster, or

We hope that you will attract the best candidates!

Good luck!