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How To Choose The Best Time Tracking Software

In a business setting, time remains a crucial resource that must be used wisely. If used poorly or wasted, your business will have low output, and you lose a lot of money. Therefore, you need to consider investing in time tracking software.

Time tracking software shows the number of hours spent on carrying out various tasks. It makes a huge difference in the way you run your business. The software can efficiently monitor, cut project costs, save work time, and boost work efficiency. It does not matter whether you operate or run a small business or big organization. Time tracking software will assist you with monitoring individual employee time.

Why Is Time Tracking Important To Your Business?

Time tracking is crucial in any organization that wants to grow exponentially. Reasons to invest in the time-tracking software include:

  • Boosting time estimates
  • Eliminating your stress
  • Identifying unimportant activities and doing away with them
  • Tracking in-house staffers and external partners

How To Choose The Best Time-Tracking Software For Your Business

Before you choose a time tracking software, you need to consider several factors. These factors will influence your final choice.


Do you have an existing budget you don’t want to exceed? Different time tracking tools exist today with different payment plans. Some time tracking software providers charge based on the number of active users, while others charge you a monthly or yearly premium. You must consider all these before making your final decision on which time tracking tool to choose.

Must-have Features

This is another factor to consider when choosing time-tracking software for your business. The features that come with a particular time tracking software will determine your decision. You need time-tracking software that efficiently handles task management and reports. Moreover, functionalities such as resource scheduling, invoicing, automatic time tracking, etc., are indispensable.

Onboarding Process

You will likely hire new employees in the future. You need a user-friendly time tracking software that your new employees can readily get acquainted with. Guides, free templates/resources, and many more are a few of the fringe benefits of the onboarding processes. These features enable new employees to hit the ground faster.

Availability of Free Trials

Does the time tracking software have demos or free trials? It makes sense if you can test the tool before paying for its premium features.

Check if the software providers or vendors also host live demonstrations. You can ask relevant questions about the time-tracking software. The primary goal of searching for a time tracking software that offers free trials is to minimize risks.


The best software for your business should work excellently when paired with other features. For instance, time management helps track daily activities and can create time reports based on the tasks.

This helps you to efficiently measure performance as well as track past activity for reference.

Check Out Reviews

Time tracking software users always leave feedback. Such reviews or feedback primarily highlight the efficacy of the software and its user-friendliness. You can get unbiased feedback from a platform such as CapterraG2. Use the reviews to this platform to decide whether a particular time tracking software is right for you.

After-sales Support

You need access to very responsive customer support in case you need quick assistance with some technicalities. Take note of your payment plan or subscription level. This may impact the degree of support you get. For instance, some software may only grant users access to an Account Manager when the users pay a premium.

Best Time Tracking Software You Should Consider

According to Crazy Egg, the most in-depth time tracking software you should consider is ‘Time Doctor.’ This is because it is highly compatible with every operating system out there. It is also affordable and works with nearly all types of businesses. Nevertheless, other time tracking software to consider include:

  • Timely: This is the best option for automatic time tracking.
  • Harvest: This is an excellent choice for small to medium-size businesses.
  • Timesheets: This is the most pocket-friendly time tracking tool.
  • Clockify: It has the best reporting features, according to Neil Patel.
  • Toggl: This is the best free time tracking software any organization can use.

Many more exist, but these are the top performers in the industry today.

In Summary

Choosing the best time tracking software can help grow your personal business. It will keep every employee on track with company goals and ensure you don’t exceed your budget. Therefore, you need to consider the factors listed above when selecting the best time tracking software for your business.