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What is Time Tracking and How does it work?

As the name suggests, time tracking is about calculating or measuring the time that an employee needs to complete a task. It is to be said that time tracking has helped many companies in succeeding in their businesses. It has made the workplace more structured as well as methodical. An amazing fact about time tracking is that it doesn’t allow you to sit idly in your workplace. Most people have commented that time tracking works as a motivational drive for them. It is making them work fast and constructively.

Do you know when you complete a task tracking the time; you become more energetic to do it in fewer periods for the next time.  An approximated percentage of 21 % of workers never keep a track of their meetings, which results in a huge amount of cost every year. Managers are the ones most benefited from the time tracking experience. It has made it easier for them to keep an eye on the workers while not standing on their heads all the time. 

What Tasks can Time Tracking help you with?

Time tracking can help you with all your business tasks. Starting from payroll to your assignments, it can help to manage all. Time tracking mainly works as a self-assessment tool. It helps you record the time you consume while performing an assigned task. According to a survey, an estimated $7.4 billion is wasted per day just because of the inefficiency of the workers as they can’t keep a measure of their working hours on a project. 

What is the purpose of Time Tracking?

The purpose and the aim behind time tracking are very clear. The biggest and the foremost purpose of time tracking is saving time and reducing budgets and pricing. Time tracking can be called the most intelligent business strategy made so far. Nowadays, a business without time tracking isn’t considered to be the right way for a business to be carried out. Time tracking was introduced to avoid procrastination at the workplace. If you have introduced a time tracking system at your office, you must have noticed that now your team is focused more than ever. 

How does Time Tracking Work?

Now, this is our main question: how does time tracking work? Well, the process is very easy and simple. Time tracking is a smarter version of all the spreadsheets, documents, and files. Two basic mediums can help you with time tracking.

  1. Time Tracking Application
  2. Time Tracking Software

Best Time Tracking Apps and Softwares

We have listed out some of the most incredible time tracking apps and software for you to implement in your workplace.


Hubstaff is a time tracking application that can work both for android and IOS.  It can also work as software if you don’t have the application. It has the following features.


  • Easy and Accurate Time Tracking
  • GPS Tracking 
  • Online Assessment Sheets
  • Online Timesheets
  • Automated Payroll


  • Basic Turn Up
  • No Future Tracking


It won’t be wrong to say that currently TSheets is known to be one of the top leading time tracking software working for the best interest of their users. 


  • Basic Time Tracking 
  • Customizable Space for Tracking
  • Geofencing Tools
  • Navigation Options
  • Feature to Clock in


  • A Higher Fee Cost
  • No Screen Recording Feature

Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an application being used worldwide with a 4.5 stars rating at the play store. 


  • Off Track Reminders
  • Low Pricing
  • Detailed Reports and Insights
  • Automated Billing and Payroll
  • Time Use Alerts


  • An Old Interface
  • No Appropriate Project Management Feature


It is customizable software, with one of the best and most powerful interfaces. Wrike can work as a time tracking and project management tool at the same time. 


  • Agile Project Management
  • Excellent Documentation
  • Conditional Logics 
  • Sequential Approvals
  • Efficient Work Process


  • Requires Customer Plan Assistance
  • Hard to Select the Perfect Plan on Your Own


FunctionFox can help you with multiple projects at one time. It is working with a belief to digitally improvise the world. 


  • Calculations to keep the Budget on Target
  • Accesses real-Time Data
  • Customizable Dashboard Convenience
  • Keeps the Scope Under Control
  • Flexible to Use


  • A bit Costly
  • No GPS Navigation

Once you have installed and opened these software’s, all you have to do is sign up and make your account. There will be many subscription plans, you can just decide according to your company’s needs.

We hope this article will help you with the ground and basic knowledge of time tracking and its working plus give you insights into time tracking software.