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Best International Cell Phone Plans 

Keeping your phone while traveling across borders is non-negotiable; after all, how can you experience the beautiful scenery without taking a snapshot and sharing it on social media. International travelers are in luck since some traditional carriers also offer international cell phone plans for existing clients. However, you need to read through the type of coverage, and data speed plans you will be getting before making any commitments.

Data cost can build up so fast, especially if you are frequently browsing and using GPS. Therefore you can first brainstorm how much data you need and plan to control your usage to avoid paying exorbitant data prices. As much as you can exercise control over your use, it is also a good idea to find a phone service that will work best for you without breaking the bank. Let us go through some of the best international phone plans that you may opt for if you are a frequent international traveler or doing it for the first time.

Verizon Travel Pass 

If you are a first-time traveler and have a 4G LTE world device, you are likely to get by using the Verizon Travel Pass. Their prices are quite affordable, seeing as you will only be required to pay your base plan monthly cost and an additional $5 daily if you make calls in Canada or Mexico, and for $10 daily, you will be able to make calls and texts across more than 180 countries. The number of minutes texts used on Travel Pass equals the ones you use on your domestic plan. Moreover, you are guaranteed high-speed data for the first 512 MB daily. However, the speed reduces after you reach the standard limit.

AT &T International Day Pass

If you are traveling briefly outside North America, then this is the plan for you. Also, if you have an unlimited plan, you can use the same service in the United States while in Canada or Mexico.  Therefore if you are traveling in these countries, then you can consider using AT&T. They charge $10 daily in more than 100 countries for the pass in countries where AT&T is available. What’s more, you will get unlimited calls back to the U.S and several minutes equal to the one in your domestic plan. For text messages, AT&T provides its clients with an unlimited package worldwide without any additional charges. The same rules that apply in your domestic data plan also apply to your international package.

T-MobileT-Mobile service centre

You will get three different plans with a variety of features and prices if you opt for T-Mobile. The most outstanding quality of this cell phone plan is that they offer unlimited international Roaming. However, it is essential to note that in most countries, this service provides a 2G network except for Canada and Mexico on certain plans where their network is 4G. So typically, browsing and streaming will be a bit slow. Some of the packages you will enjoy with T-Mobile include;

  • Wide price range depending on the selected package
  •  Unlimited calls time
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited data

Google Fi 

Initially known as Project Fi, Google introduced their cell phone plans to give international travelers an easy time communicating and running their business.  The cell phone plan services are available in more than 200 countries and offer users an outstanding experience seeing as it can shift between three primary mobile networks.

The feature that stands out in the Google Fi cell phone plan is choosing what you want to pay for according to your usage. Their pricing model is also unlimited. Therefore, if you frequently use your phone but still want to avoid hefty bills, you can go for the unlimited plan. Noteworthy, the service is available for Google phones since iPhones have often been reported to lack compatibility with the service. Phone calls and texts are unlimited in all packages. Here are some of the plans that Google Fi offers to its customers.

Sprint Global Roaming 

This carrier does not provide traditional international plans. Nonetheless, you will enjoy global sprint roaming for smart phones that are LTE and GSM enabled, meaning that if you have any iPhone after iPhone 5, you will be able to access their services. If you have an LTE or GSM smartphone, global Roaming will be free; however, clients with other devices can’t access their services. Depending on the destination, customers will pay an average of 20cents per minute to make phone calls. Additionally, they offer unlimited texts for several destinations. Global Roaming also offers their clients complete data at a 2G network. However, if one wants a 4g network, they will have to buy a data pass.

Bottom Line 

International roaming rates can leave you wondering exactly what you did with your phone that you have to pay hefty bills for. So to avoid getting shocked once you get home from your vacation or business trip, it is essential to know what you are getting yourself into by going through the various plans from different services. Compare their rates and choose one that is suitable for your usage. If you are a frequent international traveler, you are not about to part with $800 for every journey you take. So choose one with an affordable plan to avoid getting headaches after every trip.