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Features to Look Out For When Purchasing a Cell Phone for Seniors 

Research done by pew center revealed that a solid 92% of seniors in America own mobile phones and most often a smartphone. Cell phone manufacturers have capitalized on this growing market by developing cell phones specifically designed for this aging group. But what is an exemplary device without an effective and understandable cell phone plan? Unlimited top-speed data and great video streaming features are desirable, but they are not features that seniors may prefer. Some of them want to get in touch with their families and get instant assistance in an emergency. So here are the features you should be looking out for when purchasing a cell phone for seniors.

Look for Phones with Additional Senior Perks

Apart from the price and reliable coverage, it would be best to look out for wireless services that provide additional perks specifically meant for seniors. For example, Lively wireless service also offers a plan for seniors without long-term contracts, and the phones are senior-friendly with features such as

  • An urgent response button
  •  Hearing aid compatibility
  • Fall detectors connect you to an operator if a fall is detected on your end

The urgent care button allows you to talk to a nurse or doctor in a medical emergency. Some wireless services also update your family friends on your safety and health. Therefore as you go through other cell phone plan features, it is best to keep these additional features in mind.


Age brings inevitable conditions such as hearing and seeing difficulties. To respond to these difficulties, there are various cell phones designed specifically for seniors with different problems. So if you have hearing difficulties, look for a phone with a louder volume range. Some cell phones are designed to be compatible with hearing aids.

Keypad vs. Touchscreen 

If agility is a problem for you or an adult you are shopping for, it is best to consider if a touch screen or a physical keyboard will be easier to use. Touchscreens tend to be less accurate compared to mechanical keyboards since they are relatively flat. However, sometimes the symbols on the keypad may confuse older people. Therefore before purchasing for a loved one or yourself, you have to consider what they are most comfortable with and if they are willing to learn to use either of the options.


No senior should worry about their cell phone not working, especially those who have to stay connected due to various emergencies. Therefore choosing a cell phone plan, it is best to select a package from the major carriers such as AT&T since they guarantee your peace of mind knowing that you have full nationwide coverage. Therefore when looking for the best coverage cell phone plan for seniors, you have to consider the reliability and performance of the telephone service.

Easy to Use Happy senior on phone

Easy usage is an essential feature that you cannot overlook. A complicated cell phone will give a senior person trouble, especially if they want to communicate during an emergency. Additionally, if you are shopping for your grandparent or parent; it would help if you looked for one that they can learn to use quickly. Some cell phone manufacturers have developed features and plans specifically meant for seniors; from setting up to when using it so that they can carry out basic activities such as placing phone calls and sending and reading messages without straining.

A Clear Display 

Most senior people have problems with their eyesight, therefore getting a phone with a bright display is in order. Thus, one can either opt to get a smartphone with a large screen or a magnifying glass used together with the phone.  A phone with a widescreen makes it easy for them to view emails and messages. A magnifying glass is a typical glass only that it has been shaped proportionately to the Smartphone to make fonts more visible.

Long-lasting Battery 

A long-lasting battery eliminates charging problems. Seniors need a phone that can be charged at least once a day to avoid the hassle of plugging in the phone several times. Also, a phone with a long battery life means that they will always be connected. Senior people need to be online since they are vulnerable to various emergencies such as illness or falling.

Bottom Line 

Technology is finally shaping up to accommodate even senior people. Features such as calling, texting, and browsing are made simple in phones made for seniors. Aging should not banish one from using a cell phone and staying connected. Therefore, if you plan to trade-in or buy a cell phone for your grandparents or old parents, you should consider the above features when shopping.