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Types of Cell Phone Plans Available for seniors 

If you are 55 years old and above, there are various ways you can get affordable cellular services. Finding the right plan begins with deciding precisely what you want to use it for. Do you need to maintain constant communication with your kids and grand kids? Do you browse constantly? Brainstorming such questions is the first step towards getting a suitable plan. Owning a cell phone can be expensive, especially for seniors who have limited use. It is for this reason companies have come up with different packages to accommodate the other senior usages. Here are some of the best cell phone plans for seniors.

T-Mobile Unlimited 55+ Plan 

If you have clocked 55 years and above, you will be eligible for this plan. This T-Mobile cell phone plan allows the user unlimited talk time, data, and text. For $27.5, you will get your unlimited plan without signing any long-term contract. The plan is also compatible with several cell phones ranging from flip phones to the recent Apple and Samsung releases. The downside of this plan is that if you receive a free device as part of the plan and terminate your plan early, you will have to pay for some part of the phone price.

Verizon Unlimited Plan for 55+ Years

To qualify for this Verizon plan, you have to be 55 years old and above, and your billing address must be in Florida. The package includes unlimited talk time, text, and data. Verizon also offers unlimited hotspot connection and DVD quality streaming. If you are in Mexico and Canada, you can also access Verizon services. For a single line, you will pay $60, while for two lines, you will part with $80. Verizon has a wide range of phones that are compatible with their services.

Great Call 

Great Call is specifically designed for seniors. It provides a wide range of plans starting from 250 minutes of talk at a rate of $14.99 per month. You can also add to your package services such as the urgent button, which helps make urgent calls in an emergency. You will then be connected to an urgent agent who will take note of your location and provide assistance. Other services you can subscribe to include acute care, where you can be connected to a doctor or nurse. Also, they have the Great call Link, which gives your family and friends updates on your safety and health. The great call does not require seniors to get into long-term contracts, and also, one can either use their flip phone or smartphone.

AT&T Senior NationCouples on a laptop

The plan is specifically designed for adults aged 65 years and above. For 200minutes a month, you will pay $29.99, and you can use them at any time. You will also be awarded 500 minutes to be used at night and during weekends. Additionally, the plan offers unlimited calls to other users subscribed to AT&T plans; however, this is not available for smartphones. Only those with basic phones are eligible for it. AT&T allows you to choose any package depending on your budget and need.

Sprint Unlimited for 55+

The Sprint Unlimited plan offers the following to seniors who subscribe to their plan;

  • Unlimited offers on talk, text, and data
  • Additional service of unlimited hotspot connection
  •  DVD quality video streaming
  •  Roaming in more than 180 countries

So if you love traveling then, phone bills will not be a bother to you. For one line, you will be paying $50, and for two lines, you will part with $70 monthly.

Ting Mobile Flex 

If you are looking for an affordable plan, then you can settle for Ting Mobile. Their prices are pretty low, seeing as you will be paying for only what you need. For example, if you want unlimited talk and text only, you will pay $10 monthly and an additional $5 per GB for data. If your phone is compatible with Ting, you will not have to switch mobile phones. Additionally, they do not have senior age limits, but seniors are the best candidates for this plan since they have limited phone usage and only need to pay for what they need.

 Bottom Line 

The best cell phone plans for seniors ensure that their monthly phone bills do not go over the roof. Whether it is a customized plan for seniors or just a low-cost option that still offers a decent talk time, text, and data, there is a plan for everyone to keep their phone bills in check. To get a suitable wireless plan, you have to look beyond the big company names; you might find the cheapest and best plans from carrier companies that are not well known. Therefore a lot of research goes into looking for a cellular service before settling for one. Also, remember to look out for brands that give discounts to their clients; the discount may help you save up for next month’s bill.