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Top Reasons Why People Buy SUV

Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are becoming the perfect choice for many road users these days. Its ability to combat rugged terrain and adverse weather conditions is just some reason people buy SUVs today. In this post, we’ll explore these reasons in-depth so that you can decide if buying an SUV is the best for you.

Comfortable Space

Do you have a large family you need to transport to the next town? The SUV is an ideal choice for moving you and your family from one place to the other. You don’t need to take multiple vehicles or trips when you have an SUV at hand. SUVs provide plenty of space for moving large amounts of luggage and transporting your families. There’s ample room for pets and other gear.

Top-Rated Safety

SUVs are undoubtedly one of the safest vehicles. Most SUVs are assembled on sturdy frames, which lead to a higher level of protection during collisions. The SUV is strong enough to take the brunt of the collision and may leave its passengers dazed but unhurt. Most SUVs come with higher driving positions that provide enhanced visibility of the road ahead. This higher vantage point allows you to see the road much more clearly.

Impressive Towing Capabilities

The SUV remains top on the list for towing boats, trailers, or caravans. This is possible due to the larger and powerful engines that the SUVs have. The capacity of these engines makes it easier for SUVs to tow weighty assets. You cannot compare this innate strength with that of a regular car.

Cargo Capacity

SUV offers better cargo space if your family is the type that carries a lot of things while traveling. Sudden trips to the hardware stores, furniture shops, or grocery stores will be less stressful as these SUVs can easily move bulky items. With an SUV, there is no doubt you get maximum cargo space.

Car-Like Handling

Most SUV uses a body-on-frame design, which is separated from the main components. The body-on-frame design allows the SUV frame to twist slightly while driving, helping you handle off-road conditions, reducing the tires’ traction. You’ll enjoy better handling on the road during poor weather conditions than many cars would.

Handle Bad Road Conditions

SUVs are the ideal choice for unsafe road conditions. You can drive your SUV through any icy snowstorm, slick roads from heavy rain, or during a flood. Few cars handle over 20 inches of water when it is flooding. But many SUVs are manufactured to drive through as much as 36 inches of water. This implies that you can depend heavily on an SUV as a reliable transportation irrespective of road conditions.


SUVs are fantastic vehicles for play, work, and the daily grind. They are versatile and flexible because they have more than enough space for the family, and the extended family or friends can come along. The extra ground clearance in SUVs gives you that confidence when the going gets rough.


Most SUVs on the market have been designed with your comfort and luxury in mind without breaking the bank. They feature simplified dashboards and comfortable seats to accompany your ride. Whether you are taking to the highway, running an errand, or cruising around town, you feel comfortable. You won’t have to spend too much at the pump just to cruise around the city.

Better View

SUVs are built in a way that the driver has a much better view of the road than when inside a car. An SUV positions the driver’s seat hips much further from the ground. A higher seating position improves your visibility while driving. Being able to see all around you during the day and at night is the best thing. With greater visibility, there are lesser distractions from other cars’ lights. With SUV, you will no longer have to shut your eyes or stare at these blinding lights.

Other Reasons for buying SUVs

  • Greater towing capacity than smaller and lighter cars
  • Heavier build means less prone to accident
  • Heavier weight and higher clearance usually stands for safer car
  • SUVs are equipped with a 4×4 drivetrain, which helps deal with traction issues better.

In Summary

As you can see, the benefits that SUVs bring to the table are the reasons why they remain one of the best vehicles out there today. Whatever features or technology you are looking for in a vehicle can be found in an SUV.

SUVs are not only the safest vehicles today but are also excellent choices for off-road driving.